As soon as I saw NM's photography work, I knew I wanted to do a photo shoot with him. I love the angles and lighting he uses and his skills are definitely exemplary. He has a knack for knowing what looks best in photos and how to capture a ladies best assets ;) Because I am far from a model, he was great at helping me pose sensually when I asked while still allowing me to do my own thing and work at my own pace. His professionalism, yet friendly demeanor, put me at ease and it was obvious how much he enjoys his work. I found him to be so refreshing and I can't wait to work with him once again.
The moment I heard about "Nude Erotica project", I was immediately intrigued. The concept was appealing because, while in my heart I feel the body is a beautiful thing and should be enjoyed not hidden, most of us still put so many limitations on ourselves based on what others think. By participating in this project it allowed me to express my body and my sexuality in a way that begins and ends with how I feel. I found all the images to be well taken and incredibly erotic. I had at times fantasized about what it would be like to display my sexuality so openly.

The idea of posing complete nude in front of someone that I just met was exciting but a little intimidating at first, but it ended up being so much more enjoyable than I would have guessed. The photographer, NM, was professional the entire time. Overall it was a fun experience and he was very easy to work with. Looking back I’m totally happy I did the project. It was such a fun, sexy experience and NM made me feel safe the entire time. He has a really good vibe. I loved how the images turned out so much that I even showed a few trusted friends and they all agreed the photos are hot and artistic, which is exactly what attracted me to the project in the first place. I’m glad to see the photographer is adding even more images and more models to the page. I would encourage anyone who is curious about nudes or erotic to give this a try. I would definitely do it again.
Oh boy, what a shoot! :)
After such a long and detailed discussions with NM, I finally decided to give it a shout out. NM is a gentle, sexy, and a loving man. His patience is remarkable and he takes time to explain every possible thing which you can even think of prior to the shoot. The shoot was so much fun and exhilarating!!! I strongly, with a ease of sensuality, recommend him as the "best" photographer in town.

Can't wait for my second shoot!
NM Creatography is splendid! He makes it fun, sexy, and natural while still remaining professional in all positions. His work is beautiful, and I am more than happy with the results! I hope that I have the opportunity to work with him again, and I have confidence that if I do, the pictures will be amazing once again! I definitely would recommend NM Creatography to anyone looking for beautiful pictures and a higher self-esteem. :) Thanks again!!
Baddiez Ent Talent Modeling(non-registered)
Nm creatography is a brilliant guy that knows how to work the camera as well capture good effects with our brand of models. I highly recommend him for any photo shoots.A genius at Best. Thank you we love our portfolio you created!
Wow best shoot I've had. I felt so comfortable with NM. It wasn't like other creepy guys just trying to take nude photos for personal use. I highly recommend him. He will surprise you with his fantastic photography work. He also took me to victoria secret for some lingerie for the day shoot.
Ellison Hurley(non-registered)
I had such a great shoot! We worked together on plenty of unique concepts. Really looking forward to another shoot!
Ellison Hurley(non-registered)
Looking at pics
A private lady.(non-registered)
It was such a pleasure to have my Valentine's boudoir photoshoot yesterday with Neel. This was the first time ever in my life I was going to pose in lacy lingerie and silk robes and so I was nervous and my heart was racing thru but Neel helped me to calm down my nerves and offered me a nice wine to sip and relax. He exactly knew how to take strong sensual photos but at the same time keep it classy and fun! After about an hour into the shoot, I felt very comfortable and I started enjoying the shoot. He allowed me to pose as per my fantasies and so I finally started posing for some risqué photos and eventually left all my clothing behind. My nude and erotic boudoir theme photos turned out to be fantastic. I highly recommend this silly tall athletic guy who made me feel wanted, sexy, and confident!

Many many thanks for an awesome shoot! :)
Theresa S.(non-registered)
First of all, I would highly recommend NM for any personal or professional photography projects. I scheduled my first photo shoot for "Private Boudoir Fantasy Photography" services which he offers. I had never actually modeled before and was nervous because I don’t usually take good pictures, and I know he mostly works with professional models. NM was so warm, gentle, and professional during the entire shoot. He exactly knew how to make me feel relaxed and excited at the same time and I felt completely comfortable with his directions. During the shoot he was focused on creating the best shots and the most gorgeous images. When I saw the photos, I was completely blown away. Each picture he took was more stunningly beautiful than the next. He takes a great deal of pride in his work, and he delivered images that exceeded my highest expectations. He fulfilled my fantasies with great deal of expertise.
Can't thank him enough!
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